A new way of living, working and ‘being’…

mental health awareness week


The word unprecedented has been used a lot recently but it sums up perfectly what the whole world has been through over the past 12 weeks or so.  Not since World War II, has the country come together in such unity and cohesiveness as it has in recent weeks; from Captain Sir Tom Moore raising an astonishing £32million, to the Thursday night ritual of clapping our NHS to the rainbows children have placed in their window, the United Kingdom truly has been United together. It is a new way of living, working and ‘being’….


The economy has been affected and, keeping political affiliations to one side, the Government has acted as swiftly as they can to help as many businesses as possible. There seems to be three different directions this crisis has affected trade – either businesses are extremely busy as a result of covid, they’ve not been affected at all or, in the long term, it is unlikely that they will survive; through no fault of their own.  It is a sad and worrying time for many and redundancies are likely.

There are financial streams available like never before and it is worth contacting either your accountant or looking on the Government website to see what you may be able to claim – the Bounce Back Loan is being taken up at an astronomical rate.

If you are fortunate and looking to recruit, you may need staff that can hit the ground running, become part of your team quickly and also work under pressure.  Veterans have all of these skills (and more) from their time in the forces and are used to working in extremely pressurized environments.  They have been a level of expertise and a skillset unlike any other – whether that be from the streets in Kabul, a deployment on a submarine for 9 months at a time, or flying into war zone in Iraq.  They have the skills to deal with a team which may need morale boost and re-energising; being able to encourage others to stay on task and increase motivation is an intrinsic ability that they have.

Being… Mental Health Awareness Week

Co-incidentally – tying in with a new way of living, working and ‘being’, this week is also Mental Health Awareness Week and this is one thing that veterans are encouraged to open up about and recognise that mental resilience can weaken at times.  This is no longer something to be ashamed of and seeking help and support it now actively encouraged in all walks of life.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are extremely vocal on this topic and are dedicated to supporting Mental Health awareness through the Royal Foundation and Heads Together charities which have helped thousands of people.

Part of the British Army training covers this in depth and its called Big 5 Skills – you can watch the video here.  These are;

  1. Negative Thoughts versus Positive Thinking
  2. Emotional Control
  3. Mental Rehearsal and Positive Injury
  4. Anxiety and Physiological Arousal Regulation
  5. Goal Setting

This clearly demonstrates that the forces’ attitudes have changed towards mental health and that veterans can empathise and support their colleagues with many transferable skills that they can bring into your workplace.  With some additional certification, they could be become Mental Health First Aiders within your organisation which will encourage motivation, dedication and decrease absenteeism and churn.

Please take a look at our blog to find out more about what recruiting a veteran can bring to your company.

So, if you seeking a team members with the above attributes for your organisation, we have fantastic candidates ready to take on a new challenge and become a dedicated part of your team.  Please contact us on 01543 224424 or 07403 106645.