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Regardless of the duration of your military service (whether you were a “lifer” or had a relatively short stint of duty serving), transitioning into the civilian workforce upon your separation is never quite as simple or as straightforward a process as it appears to be on the surface

Not only is life in the civilian world a dramatic shift away from the regimented, disciplined, and structured world of the military, finding the right opportunity to leverage the skills and experience you generated while serving – and turning it into a lucrative career – can also be a bit of an uphill battle.

For decades now, though, we here at Veterans Employment & Training Solutions (V.E.T.S) have been helping to connect veterans with businesses and job openings that can become lucrative careers, as well as businesses with veteran employees that bring a perspective, discipline, and unique skill set to the table that traditional civilians can’t.

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Recruiting Process Designed to Fit V.E.T.S Specifically 


From start to finish, our entire recruiting process has been designed to fit former members of The Armed Forces find the right openings, employment opportunities, and career changes that are best suited to those that have served.

Men and women that have served this great nation in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces have been affording unique opportunities, training, and experience that civilians that went the “traditional route” to building a foundation for their career would never have had access to

Our training solutions are second to none.  We know there might be some skills gaps with either your current employees, new staff or prospective staff and that’s where we can step in and help upskill them in all the areas that you need. Our proven training methods and techniques are geared towards a different audience, a different way of training and different speeds of learning being the perfect ticket into turning your staff into an elite force.

Recognising these differences and building out recruitment processes around these opportunities and experience has allowed us to offer veterans as well as businesses looking to employ veterans a more synergistic pathway to further develop their skills and in also finding the right fit.


Candidate Review

V.E.T.S understand that employers are looking for very specific qualities and very specific criteria when filling positions and career opportunities on their team, and are very often looking for the kind of employees that are able to grow and expand into new roles and new positions over time.

With this in mind, we’ve created a six stage candidate interview process that guarantees each individual we put forward for employment are a perfect fit straightaway.

This gives our employment clients a lot of confidence in the recommendations that we make, but it also allows our candidates numerous opportunities to shine throughout the interview process to find the right positions and careers best suited to their strengths.


Paul Lewis

MAnaging Director

Lee Parker

Non-Executive Director

Amanda Babington

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Neil Binder

Recruitment Consultant

What our candidates say

I would like to thank Paul for helping me find my first civilian employment after leaving the British Army. Paul found me the perfect role to suit my skills and aspirations for the next step in my engineering career. I will certainly be recommending Paul to all of my former colleagues that are soon to be leaving the Armed Forces.
Dominic Gale
Maintenance Engineer at Joseph Heler Cheese