Benefits of hiring veterans for 5G

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benefits of hiring veterans for 5G

Being connected online is crucial to us all – even more so nowadays with local lockdowns. Over time, artificial intelligence has become part of our day to day life. Everyone has smartphones, voice activated home assistants, connected personal gadgets and even in our cars. Due to this explosion in demand and availability, the mobile industry has responded with revised technology. With 5G – the fifth generation of wireless working technology – there promises to be big changes. And for this, qualified engineers are needed and therefore there are benefits of hiring veterans for 5G.

This new technology aims to provide speeds of around 10 gigabits per second to your phone. This is approximately 600 times faster than a typical 4G network today. There are claims that it will be able to download a 4K HD film in 25 seconds. It will allow cars to communicate, give us control over home appliances from our phones and manufacturers the ability to monitor their production remotely.

It has its critics and has been linked to conspiracy theories since its inception. The latest being that it was the cause of the coronavirus – without proven scientific basis. However, it does need a robust infrastructure and qualified engineers to support its roll out.

Despite the pandemic, the deployment of 5G is happening now all over major towns and cities. It has public and private investments which provide a clear roadmap for its coverage. It is made of up of “macro- and small-cell base stations with edge computing capabilities.” Without getting too technical (we are a recruitment agency after all!), you may wonder what all this has to do with veterans?

Benefits of hiring veterans for 5G

Each of the different Forces has their own communications divisions and levels. The rollout of 5G will need specially trained personnel with the relevant skills and experience. There are no better qualified or trained engineers than from the Services;

  • Navy – Weapons or Air Engineering, Communications and Communications Infrastructure
  • Army – Royal Corps of Signals
  • RAF – Cyberspace Communications and Communications Infrastructure

These veterans have an through understanding and knowledge of the requirements and would only require a small amount of refined training. With their military experience, they would be an asset to any employer rolling out 5G and its infrastructure. In addition, they can also support other IT and comms infrastructure requirements.

We have already highlighted the benefits of hiring veterans in your company and for technological projects such as 5G, ex military personnel can adapt and fit right into your business.

So with their mix of transferable skills – not only with the comms and technology – but with morale, team leading and building and people management, there are many benefits of hiring veterans for 5G.