How to retain your veteran employee

How to retain your veteran employee

Employees are your businesses’ greatest asset and you are only as good as the people you employ.  Therefore, it’s crucial that your staff are kept engaged and motivated to stay with you rather than leave and maybe work for your competitor.  But knowing how to retain your veteran employee takes a little more consideration given their background.


Once an employee has taken the decision to work with you, having a structured onboarding process will ensure that your staff turnover is kept low in the first few weeks and this is particularly true for veterans.  The confidence this demonstrates in your abilities and internal awareness will contribute greatly to the speed at which they will settle in and feel part of the team as a whole.

For more information about planned onboarding, please head over to our blog here.


Money isn’t always the main motivator and once people have reached a certain threshold, other factors are more important. The type of person you need in the role and in your business may not be money orientated and requires a different motivational toolkit. Increasing their pay may incentivise them in the short term but will not hold their interest long term.


Veterans are very focused on values and a strong ethos and culture is very important to them. Within your organisation a structured and visible set of values will go towards not only recruiting but retaining your veteran employee. They will feel comfortable working within a set of standards which are implemented from higher levels and will respect the structure and hierarchy.


As a veteran will have very different skill sets to their colleagues, they will want to use these and, where able, implement them into their role and the organisation. By allowing the time and respect for their input and experiences to be heard and implemented where possible, will motivate them and contribute to their staying in their role.


Another way how to retain your veteran employee is to include them in a mentoring programme. This may be being allocated a mentor to ease their transition into the business as a new recruit. They could also be given the task of establishing the system as they would have the experience of devising plans and your onboarding process. In time, they would also make excellent mentors and motivators within your organisation.


Structure is important to us all and knowing what path they are on whilst with you is a clear way how to retain your veteran employee. They will have had a clear route of progression in the forces and having the same in civilian employment will assist in their engagement and retention.

We specialise in recruiting veterans – those motivated individuals who have served time in the armed forces and who can bring to you skills and values which are unique and transferable to many roles.

As a recruitment service, we will;

• not charge you any initial up-front costs
• take the time to understand the roles on offer in depth
• closely examine our extensive database of candidates
• advertise the role on reputable boards if required
• carry out all of the pre-interviewing and relevant checks and referencing
• only send you details of those candidates who are best matched for your vacancies

The only cost to you is when you choose to hire the perfect candidate through us.

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