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Starting a professional career after honorably, faithfully, and dutifully serving in the UK Armed Forces can feel a bit like a hard reset.

Regardless of how long you’ve served, where you served, or how you’ve served,  jumping headfirst into the civilian world after leading a life as a member of the Armed Forces will feel like a bit of a jolt. Civilians just do things a little differently than members of the military.

In an effort to not only help former members of the Armed Forces get through this culture shock as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but also to help them lay down a solid foundation for their post service professional career, we have created Veterans Employment  & Training Solutions (V.E.T.S).

Here at V.E.T.S we provide recruitment, consultancy, and placement services for former members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. We recognise the value that the dedication, discipline, and leadership skills that the men and women of the Armed Forces develop is a real value to businesses in the UK (and abroad) today – and we’ve set out to make sure that businesses understand and appreciate these advantages while offering our V.E.T.S an excellent opportunity.

Here are some of the services we are proud to offer at V.E.T.S.

Full Recruitment Solutions

Of course, our commitment to former members of the Armed Forces goes above and beyond traditional recruitment solutions.

We will not stop until you find the career opportunities you’ve been looking for, the career opportunities you deserve, and the career opportunities you have earned already with your service. Our in-depth recruitment services are available from the moment you become a client until you are placed, helping make sure that we both achieve “Mission Accomplished” and get you the green light to a new life after you separated from the military.

To learn more about everything we have to offer here at V.E.T.S, or to begin the candidacy interview process, contact us today.

Candidacy Screening Services

The job market in the United Kingdom is incredibly competitive right now and separating yourself from the rest of the pack (especially civilians providing the same openings) has to be mission priority number one.

Here at V.E.T.S, using our vast expertise, we have established an in-depth and comprehensive six stage candidate interview process that not only helps businesses looking to hire veterans find the right fit, but also helps our V.E.T.S establish and qualify themselves for new career opportunities – while giving themselves a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Video Interviewing

Veterans Employment & Training Solutions knows that human interaction is vital when it comes to recruitment. So rather than trying to automate this aspect like many other recruitment companies, we are focused on enhancing it. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art video-engagement technology that allows us to present candidates to our clients in a far more efficient light

How it works: We conduct five-minute face-to-face video interviews using questions specified by the client. We then send these recordings, that can be watched from any device, at any time, directly to the hiring manager for review. This allows the manager to make a more informed decision on exactly who to bring in for face-to-face interviews.

By removing the needless first stage interview and barriers to location we can cut the recruitment to hire journey by almost half.

Opportunity Creation

While we certainly advocate for former members of our Armed Forces when it comes to building a career post service, we also recognise that the skills, expertise, and training you received as part of the UK military may not provide a direct transition to the civilian world.

At the same time, there are certainly skills, expertise, and training you’ve received during your service that are immediately applicable which is why we aim for true (opportunity creation) approaches to finding you better career options.

People from every specialty in the Armed Forces will find opportunities abound when working with V.E.T.S to connect them to new career options.

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What our candidates say

Placed as Regional Sales Manager – Northern England Ex-Army, Sergeant After serving for 10 years in the Military I found myself looking at what I wanted to do post service. My first job outside of the Army was a secondment to a Sales Manager role which ended in December 2016. In January of this year (2017) I applied for a position as Regional Sales Manager. At this point I came into contact with Paul Lewis.

From the very first conversation with Paul and based on how he explained the opportunity and prospective employers details, I felt at ease and reassured that I would be very well suited to this position. Paul explained the application process in detail, ensuring that I fully understood what was expected of me and the timescales his client was working to. Part of the process included a Psychometric Test, which I have never completed before, but with Paul's support it was very straightforward. Throughout the first and second interview

Paul was keeping in contact with me, making sure I was prepared by working through typical interview techniques and questions with me, to make sure I was focused on the task at hand. He helped me research the company and their products, giving me the head start against any other candidates that had maybe applied directly. Once I had attended the second interview, which I felt went very well, I was offered the role and gladly accepted. I must pay the highest compliment to Paul Lewis for his assistance throughout the application process and I believe it would be difficult to find a better service and assistance from any other agency or recruiter. Thank you.
Lee Parkinson
Northern UK Regional sales Manager

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