This time last year corona was a beer…

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his time last year corona was a beer… now it’s a part of life that has defined a whole year.

This time last year corona was a beer… now it’s a part of life that has defined a whole year. It has decimated businesses, brought about social changes not seen in over 75 years and, unfortunately, has taken too many people too soon.

2020 will be remembered in so many different ways. The emotional support given to our NHS and key workers, the generosity of donations to so many amazing fundraising events and communities coming together to show solidarity.

Industry has been affected in three distinct ways. Opportunities have either been bountiful, nothing has really changed, or redundancies or closure were inevitable. With the demise of the Arcadia Group and other High Street stalwarts, it is inevitable that smaller businesses won’t be able to survive either.

There are opportunities out there! We are working closely with some forward-thinking businesses who are creating and innovating. They are ensuring that they will bounce back in 2021. They recognise that veterans can offer a strength to their teams with morale boosting techniques and can keep a team on track whilst keeping their motivation high. In addition, in March, the Chancellor announced that businesses who employ veterans pay no NI during the first 12 months of employment.

Our review…

As we look back over 2020, the changes we have made, as a veteran focussed recruitment agency, have been quite remarkable;

  • Despite one member of the team being furloughed, we have recruited and successfully placed 32 candidates
  • We have implemented Hinterview which has facilitated video interviews for our clients to ensure we recommend and therefore you hire the best candidates possible
  • Our online marketing has grown exponentially, and our brand is now more recognizable
  • Reputation in recruitment is crucial and independent research has found that we have an excellent reputation for reliability and providing exceptional veteran candidates
  • Agility has been vital throughout this year and we have demonstrated that we can adapt and change our business as needed.

VETS developed to fit veterans into their ideal openings, employment opportunities and professional careers that are best match to their transferable skills obtained whilst serving within the armed forces. And in our first two years, we are exceeding our targets and expectations – despite the pandemic.

Our fundraising…

We also held several fundraising events – all socially distanced -to bring communities together and show our support for the NHS during the summer. This effort saw a beautiful teak bench being presented to the West Midlands Ambulance Service and a hand-crafted piece of glass artwork was also given to Russell’s Hall Hospital.

The future…

2021 is an unknown entity at this stage but we know that if we can adapt to what 2020 has thrown at us, we can ride the storm of the year to come!