What recruiting a veteran can bring to your company

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British soldiers in camouflage combat uniform marching

Following on from our last blog, What’s your perception of a veteran?, we wanted to explore the reasons why veterans make good employees further and investigate what recruiting a veteran can bring to your company.  These are not in order of priority as we all have our own importance weighting.

  • Strong work ethic

“Veterans are a bunch of hard-working individuals, not scared to put in the hours when necessary. We have a fantastic work ethic & attention to detail.”

Due to the rigorous training regime each veteran must complete and the ongoing demands of their chosen profession, a strong work ethic is instilled and expected at all times.  The lifestyle also engenders a dedication which means that personnel are ready to work at any time when required with very few casual absences.  This can have a positive influence over other employees in your company to work that little harder, to accept responsibility for their role and their actions and examine their own behavior with regards to absenteeism.  A veteran can, without consciously doing so, “rasie the game” of other employees.

  • Teamwork

“Hard working, Loyal, Dedicated, Trustworthy”

Working as a team literally can mean life and death in the forces and the value of teamwork, camaraderie and the reliance of others for their own safety is a unifying bond.  It is a skill which can be transferred into a workplace which may have high turnover of staff or a fragmented team who need to unify.  They appreciate that as a team, everyone is responsible for each other and need to have clear goals and outcomes and are willing to forgo their own achievements for the success of everyone else

  • Leadership

“The Military create great and sound minded leaders that consistently deliver under unbelievable stress and yet we do it with a smile, thriving on whatever challenge is going to come next.”

The flip side of working as a team is that veterans are also very good at taking the lead in a given situation or role.  They are excellent at accepting a role and assigning the right resources, people and task for it to be successfully completed.  They have been trained to inspire motivate and lead and will get the very best out of their team – trained to ascertain peoples skill sets and assign them tasks appropriate for the project in hand and to encourage full participation and engagement.

Instructions will be clear and concise and through example, they will demonstrate that they are willing to get their hands dirty too.

  • Self reliance and motivation

“As a veteran myself, I feel one of the main attributes we have is the self-confidence that allows us to take risks and accept responsibilities.”

To dedicate a proportion of your life to “Queen and Country” takes a particular type of person and is not a role which should be taken without a lot of self awareness and dedication.  The training that each veteran undertakes pushes them mentally and physically and many are not successful.  Those who do are trained to be highly self motivated – setting high goals and standards for themselves and exercising professional self discipline at all times.  What recruiting a Veteran can bring to your company is someone who is capable of working alone, part of a team or able to lead a team – someone adaptable and highly skilled with people.

  • Calm under pressure

“The Military create great and sound minded leaders that consistently deliver under unbelievable stress and yet we do it with a smile, thriving on whatever challenge is going to come next.”

Given the working environment a lot of veterans have worked under – whether that is active service in Iraq, spending several months at sea or being based in the UK on high alert – they are trained to deal with situations calmly and efficiently.  The ability to remain composed and calm when dealing with a demanding situation can result in a positive outcome and this will impact on everyone else involved to help keep them working with composure.

  • Technological skills

“We absorb information, assess courses of action, weigh the risks, make the decisions, and assume the responsibility.”

The military have some of the most advanced technology available which is constantly being updated and modified and being able to learn how to use it efficiently and skillfully is a key attribute of a veteran.  Being an early adopter becomes a very useful skillset and what recruiting a Veteran can bring to your company is an open mind, ability to integrate new technology into their work and being able to show others how to use it for their roles too.

  • Core values

“committed, adaptable, loyal, hardworking and reliable.”

These are the immediate things many employers think of when considering what recruiting a Veteran can bring to your company.  A strong code of ethics instils a proven track record of being trustworthy and living by core values which will seep over into every aspect of their life.  The basic principles are the same for all military positions; commitment, integrity, accountability, loyalty and “service before self.”  This can impact on the whole culture of the company and for other members of staff to achieve the same outlook and values.

If these are attributes you want in your employees, then we can work with you to find a suitable candidate. Please contact us on 01543 224424 to find out how we can work with you.